23 hours

As we were too late for applying Visa for Russia we now have to spend 23 hours at the airport in Moscow.
Sunday, October 25th, 2015:

At about 7.30 pm we leave the plane from Thessaloniki. Arriving in the hall we go further to “International Departures”.
There we are welcomed by a employee of the airport asking:
‘Where does you flight go?’
‘To Delhi, but tomorrow.’
She looks at the paper in her hand saying: ‘Oh yes, two persons. Just go there and your flight goes from terminal F.’
We pass the security check and, in opposite to Thessaloniki, are allowed to keep our shoes on this time.
In the waiting hall we are welcomed by Burger King. The first one I have seen for the last eight weeks.
Behind there is a coffeeshop, an other burger bar and some duty-free-shops, where you have to pay 2€ for half a litre of water.
We buy a bottle, pay with the creditcard and wait probably five minutes until the bottle is sealed in a plastic bag.
Meanwhile it turns 8.43 pm. But for our feeling just 7.43 pm, because we changed the time zone during the flight. And in Germany it’s 6.43 pm. I don’t know for which time I should act. Am I sleepy? Somehow yes, but I think it’s too early to sleep and I’ll wait until it turns night.
Near our seats we find a plug socket that actually works. So we don’t have to be afraid of low batteries in the mobile phones.
At about 9 pm I say, that I want to look for german or english magazines at the kiosk. Right in this moment, the kiosk closes. At 9.12 pm I recognize, that it’s open again but until I get up to walk through, it is finally closed for today.
At about 10.15 pm we get ourselves a burger each, which we can pay by creditcard. What a luck! We don’t have any russian currency and in the whole airport we didn’t find am ATM.
After dinner we search for a place to sleep. We choose two face to face standing benches, someone pushed together. The single seats are divided through armrests, but if we lay diagonally it should work. First I circuitously turn from one side to the other, but sometime I must have fallen asleep.
I use my jacket as a pillow and put the sleeve over my eyes. All the lights keep turned on the whole night. As if they wanted to make a party.
At 4.00am we are awake again.
Monday, October 26th, 2015:

At 5.00am I am still sleepy, so that I try to sleep again. Works good until 7.00am. Then the dawn is breaking and the airport gets busy.
At about 8.00am it’s time for the first coffee, so I go and get us some breakfast.

Fortunately there are many people, vehicles and other things to talk about at an airport. In between you can wash your hair at the
nfnfbnfk and have some lunch.

After lunch we have a walk through the airport, looking for some english magazines. No way, they are all only available in russian.
But through the free Wi-Fi we can download some games.
Until we found some new seats in an other hall, it turned afternoon.

Only four and a half hours left until the flight goes off. Enough time to spend the last Euros on some things that could make the flight more comfortable. Some chocolate and that stuff.

The rest of the time we spent with drinking much water, so that we won’t dehydrate during the flight and talking to each other.

This 23 hours at the airport went through faster as we thought.


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