Sky above Delhi

At first the traffic in India really seems as chaotic as everyone said. But if you stroll around a few times, you will get used to it.
For the beginning I think it is the best to follow the locals going in the same direction as you. And as a pedestrian you actually find some space to cross the street really easy.
Somehow it works.
If you drive first, the others will stop and let you pass, and if the others drive first, you have to wait. With eye-contact, a good reaction and some honor you can make it as an european too.
I don’t say you don’t have to be careful. But if you are afraid, you probably shouldn’t even try.
The food was incredibly tasty from the beginning. Kevin said, that in India even he could become a vegetarian. In fact, many of the restaurants in the north of India are vegetarian. And this truly makes sense. The Hinduists don’t eat beef, the Muslims don’t eat pork and the Buddhists don’t eat any meat. But in some restaurants you can find meals containing chicken.
Main part of the meals is rice. Then there are a lot of meals with vegetables in different varities and/or a withe, smooth cheese. Wether fried or in one of the many sauces. Additional they serve bread, for example Roti, Naan, Chapati or Pappad, used as cutlery. Manish showed us how to use it properly and after some practice it works quite good now.
Oh and the chai tea here tastes great! You can’t compare it to the chai you mostly get in Germany.


The people in India are mostly interested in us. The spectrum of faces they show us reaches from sceptic and distrustful to nosy and friendly. Sometimes they talk to us, just to ask how we are and where we come from.
Many women still dress traditional, independing of their age. The clothes they wear are refreshing colourful, match well together and are sometimes decorated with detailled ornaments.
But well, you also can see more and more women dressing western.
And for coming back to the title: one time we saw a blue sky above Delhi, even if the prejudice tells you different.


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